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What about Patreon or FA?

Good question. In short, I’d like to keep writing what I write without platform restrictions. It’s a mistake for creators to be locked to platforms, when platforms themselves inevitably degrade over time. Check out Cory Doctorow’s excellent article on platform enshittification.

I will still post stories on FA. My new Patreon is where you can support me and get priority commissions, rather than a place to host content. Patrons also get access to PDF and EPUB ebooks of all my stories, so you can carry your porn wherever you go. Check it out, if you want ^.^

Will you ever charge for this website?

Never! 💸 Paywalling didn’t sit right with me last time.

Here’s a commitment: I’ll never charge to access this website. Instead of money, you give me your email address, so I can bypass platform algorithms and deliver the good stuff directly to you. This type of access should be worth something. I hope my stories are enough compensation?

If you are dying to support me, please check out my new Patreon. It’s a chill place where you can get priority commissions, access to PDF and EPUBs, and vote on future story ideas. Your support means a lot to me! <3

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